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Thu, Jun. 15th, 2006, 11:12 am
how do you like having your ass handed to you?

i finally beat my smug roommate at risk last night. he was none too pleased. lucky for him, i'm a gracious winner. i could have acted like a dick, like he does.

world domination.

Sat, Apr. 1st, 2006, 01:58 pm
i must have spring fever

terran: when his mom called me, she told me that she kicked him out of her place, and i think i know why.
leah: why?
terran: because he was cooking, drying and freezing his stuff at her house.
leah: holy shit terran, that's disgusting! why do you know this? you guys didn't know each other long enough for him to tell you this kind of shit... why do you know this? why are you okay with this? better yet, how did you CONVINCE yourself to be okay with it?
terran: i think you and i are talking about two different things.
leah: maybe...
terran: what are you talking about?
leah: what are YOU talking about...?
terran: drugs, what are you talking about?
leah: jizz.

Fri, Feb. 24th, 2006, 04:09 pm
fuckin friday

shit damn! sometimes a girl just wants to get drunk and toss some streamers with her roommate and throw some beer cans in the fuckin' hallway.

i'm doing a new photography project. it is called "in a day" and it's going to be pictures of whatever the hell bullshit it is that i do in a day, well, sort of. it's going to follow my feet. the tips of my feet or shoes will be in every picture.

what i have so far: chewing gum, bottoms of my feet when waking up, and kicking a stuffed dog that represents the neighbor's bullshit foo foo dog that i fucking hate and want to punch every time i see. i'm open to more suggestions.

now shut the fuck up. i don't hate animals, no one likes a yippy little dog that is only six inches long and refuses to grow any more.

i was looking for my best friend from elementary school the other day on myspace. well, i didn't find her, but i did find my elementary school crush. so i messaged him. oh california. nostalgia. i hope i never live in l.a. again. he told me he hadn't talked to her since high school but he'd help me out if he can. that was nice of him.

Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006, 05:26 pm
friend to foe

thursday night i needed to get drunk in a bad way. it was a really rough week, mostly academically speaking. so adam and i got drunk. we went to steinkeller, circle bar and then adam wanted to go home and i didn't want to and the son of a bitch owed me a beer so we went to my watering hole and jay was working. he was drunk. man, i love that he works there. anyway, he sort of made work a lesser priority and hung out with adam and i for a while. when adam got up to use the pisser, i looked at jay and said "bill brasky is a son of a bitch!" he looked at me and said "i know bill brasky!" hmmm... he got the memo.

then after that we were walking down the alley and a bunch of cop cars were on high street and we didn't know what the hell was going on so adam made me call tom to make sure he hadn't been shot (tom works at a bar uptown on high street) and i left ol' tom a message and we found out jimmy john's was on fire. adam made me stand there for twenty minutes to see if we could see anything and of course we didn't. i stood there and whined the whole time about how i wanted to go home and go to bed. he wanted to stand there and eat pizza. once i get it in my head that we're going to leave, i want to go home and go to bed. end of story. oh well. the fire at jimmy john's must not have been too bad because they were back open yesterday serving their disgusting subs. fuck. i hate jimmy john's.

Sat, Aug. 27th, 2005, 03:25 pm
god i hate this freaking cat

i'm pretty tired last night. i mean. fuck. i'm pretty tired. see how tired i am? i'm fucking up my sentences. christ. anyway, i'm tired. last night was fun. of course the "pit" was the biggest non weiner touching circle jerk i've EVER seen. wow. i really have no words to describe that. anyway, i came back and had to get into full mom mode, and if you know me, i'm pretty damn good at it. while i was away, some asshole (still not sure who is was) stopped by and tore the fuck out of zach and adam's house. i cleaned up the kitchen and tried picking up the back yard but it was dark, i was tired and i figured my work in the kitchen was enough. and i've gotta go now. i'll bitch about whatever it was i was going to bitch about later.

Fri, Aug. 26th, 2005, 02:40 pm
look-y look-y

i'm updating from my new ibook.

Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005, 03:54 pm
i'm a pain in my own neck

cincinnati tonight. no matter what? i guess so. sometimes i feel like i don't have much of a choice in anything. i just sort of get tossed around. not so much in a "where the wind will take me" sort of way, more in the "i'm making leah go with me because i know she doesn't have a life," way. i take it as a compliment that people enjoy my company. i take it as a compliment that they would go out of their way to come get me. i take it as a compliment that people even think of me at all. so i guess i'll take that.

Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005, 12:53 am
sparks man

my body can only handle so much sparks. the gunk is ready to go to bed. i guess she and i are getting up super early in the morn to go a thrifting. some people piss me off to no end, especially when i'm drunk. i feel opressed sometimes because i'm a female. it's bullshit and i've got this asshole messaging me with his authoritative male views. what the fuck. i just want to drop the subject and it carries on and i get so much more pissed off. fuck it. i'm done.

i should go to bed. i'm tired and drunk. yeah, bed. thats where i be.

Fri, Jun. 3rd, 2005, 11:20 am
don't do it

stacey had this brilliant idea yesterday, lets go to the thrift store in richmond. true, the salvation army in richmond is probably the closest one in oxford, it's also the smallest and worst salvation army i've ever been to in my life. stacey called it the salvation militia. i guess i forgot how incredibly lame richmond is. i went there two years ago and didn't even get out of the car. indiana, you are a country in and of yourself. we spent a good, long while driving around looking for a god damned place to eat. we couldn't find a food strip. this, to me, was astounding. we kept driving and i was thinking about how we should go back to ohio so i could have penn station for dinner and what to my weary eyes appeared? yes, a penn station. we walked in there feeling like new york. i almost felt like i had to dumb down my conversation. i constantly surround myself with people that i can have excellent conversations with and going into this penn station in richmond was culture shock.

biggest mistake of my life. thank god we got out of that corn hole.

well, since justin doesn't seem to want to have a party at his apartment this weekend (or so this is what i know from my last update) then please forward yourself to my condo on saturday night for zach's 43rd birthday. 23rd. 23rd.

Sun, Mar. 13th, 2005, 11:27 pm
smoke up the chimney, can i take you with me?

abbeyciao: i think jim is jealous of our relationship
wild river otter: why?
abbeyciao: i told him the other day
abbeyciao: that we just weren't meant to be separated
abbeyciao: and he was like
abbeyciao: oh thats cute

mo and i ate at this diner today. i was in the middle of asking our server a question and she just walked off. i was recovering and too tired from the previous two days of activities to care so i just let her go. she probably has a horrible life anyway. just as long as next time she does not deny me my soup. SOUP. after a mediocre lunch at the feeding trough, mo and i went to village thrift and schlepped around for a while. people there are assholes sometimes. some middle aged, white woman with a stick up her ass just ran her cart into me instead of asking me to move (i'm not imagining this, it was intentional, she looked me square in the eye). i've said it before and i'll say it again, i fucking hate white girls and white women. after that, we got in line and the old white woman with a thick mustache on her upper lip was really mean to the little hispanic girl in front of me. then she was nice to me. then she was mean to mo.

i noticed tonight at dinner that mo's plate looked really nice by the time we were done eating, mine, however, looked like a pig's slop trough.

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