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Fri, Jun. 3rd, 2005, 11:20 am
don't do it

stacey had this brilliant idea yesterday, lets go to the thrift store in richmond. true, the salvation army in richmond is probably the closest one in oxford, it's also the smallest and worst salvation army i've ever been to in my life. stacey called it the salvation militia. i guess i forgot how incredibly lame richmond is. i went there two years ago and didn't even get out of the car. indiana, you are a country in and of yourself. we spent a good, long while driving around looking for a god damned place to eat. we couldn't find a food strip. this, to me, was astounding. we kept driving and i was thinking about how we should go back to ohio so i could have penn station for dinner and what to my weary eyes appeared? yes, a penn station. we walked in there feeling like new york. i almost felt like i had to dumb down my conversation. i constantly surround myself with people that i can have excellent conversations with and going into this penn station in richmond was culture shock.

biggest mistake of my life. thank god we got out of that corn hole.

well, since justin doesn't seem to want to have a party at his apartment this weekend (or so this is what i know from my last update) then please forward yourself to my condo on saturday night for zach's 43rd birthday. 23rd. 23rd.