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Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006, 05:26 pm
friend to foe

thursday night i needed to get drunk in a bad way. it was a really rough week, mostly academically speaking. so adam and i got drunk. we went to steinkeller, circle bar and then adam wanted to go home and i didn't want to and the son of a bitch owed me a beer so we went to my watering hole and jay was working. he was drunk. man, i love that he works there. anyway, he sort of made work a lesser priority and hung out with adam and i for a while. when adam got up to use the pisser, i looked at jay and said "bill brasky is a son of a bitch!" he looked at me and said "i know bill brasky!" hmmm... he got the memo.

then after that we were walking down the alley and a bunch of cop cars were on high street and we didn't know what the hell was going on so adam made me call tom to make sure he hadn't been shot (tom works at a bar uptown on high street) and i left ol' tom a message and we found out jimmy john's was on fire. adam made me stand there for twenty minutes to see if we could see anything and of course we didn't. i stood there and whined the whole time about how i wanted to go home and go to bed. he wanted to stand there and eat pizza. once i get it in my head that we're going to leave, i want to go home and go to bed. end of story. oh well. the fire at jimmy john's must not have been too bad because they were back open yesterday serving their disgusting subs. fuck. i hate jimmy john's.