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Fri, Feb. 24th, 2006, 04:09 pm
fuckin friday

shit damn! sometimes a girl just wants to get drunk and toss some streamers with her roommate and throw some beer cans in the fuckin' hallway.

i'm doing a new photography project. it is called "in a day" and it's going to be pictures of whatever the hell bullshit it is that i do in a day, well, sort of. it's going to follow my feet. the tips of my feet or shoes will be in every picture.

what i have so far: chewing gum, bottoms of my feet when waking up, and kicking a stuffed dog that represents the neighbor's bullshit foo foo dog that i fucking hate and want to punch every time i see. i'm open to more suggestions.

now shut the fuck up. i don't hate animals, no one likes a yippy little dog that is only six inches long and refuses to grow any more.

i was looking for my best friend from elementary school the other day on myspace. well, i didn't find her, but i did find my elementary school crush. so i messaged him. oh california. nostalgia. i hope i never live in l.a. again. he told me he hadn't talked to her since high school but he'd help me out if he can. that was nice of him.